Alpine Pods



Relax and enjoy those long balmy evenings with the contemporary sphere, a new concept to the garden. With the ability to rotate 360° your pod can be positioned into the sun, shade or out of the wind. 

Using six timber arcs and wide tinted windows this sleek design offers a full panoramic view. The entrance to the pod is set at 60° providing a comfortable seating area for seven guests.


An area of 250cm diameter is required for the seater to rotate freely. A hard standing base of no less than 137cm diameter is required to build your sphere onto. Your sphere can be installed onto a level paved, concrete or decked area.


If you are preparing a new concrete or paving area for your seater, we recommend an overall depth of 30cm allowing 7 days for the ground to settle prior to the arrival of our fitting team.


Height: 226cm Width: 236cm Base area diameter: 137cm


Small sphere - €11,600

Small sphere with bed mode - €12,200

All our prices included installation, a choice of colours for your interior and a high grade stainless steel.