Alpine Pods



Designed to increase the sense of luxury living, our pods present a definitive synergy between the outdoor and indoor environment. Using the finest materials and drawing inspiration from the very latest in contemporary design practices, the ‘Lounger’ offers a variety of versatile lifestyle options.

Ideal for dining, lounging, studying, sleeping; or just a garden retreat area. Simply lowering the table of the sphere transforms dining into luxurious lounging. The 90° entrance enhances sights and sounds of your surroundings from within, and helps you make the most of your garden.


An area of 250cm diameter is required for the lounger to rotate freely. A hard standing base of no less than 137cm diameter is required to build your sphere onto. Your sphere can be installed onto a level paved, concrete or decked area.


If you are preparing a new concrete or paving area for your lounger, we recommend an overall depth of 30cm allowing 7 days for the ground to settle prior to the arrival of our fitting team. It is important to talk to us first regarding your requirements.


Height: 250cm Width: 244cm Base area diameter: 137cm


Medium Sphere - €12,700

All our prices included installation, a choice of colours for your interior and a high grade stainless steel.