Alpine Pods


The Scandinavians have been building log homes for decades using sawmill and wood processors lost to the mass produced ranges found in most local garden centres and DIY stores. The thickness of the logs used is not the only benefit, it is the growing process that extends the life of the building and prevents splitting.

In areas such as Scandinavia and East European Countries to include Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia, there is a wealth of forestation.

It is pleasing to note that a good proportion of such forestation has been set aside for long term sustainability. Alpine Pod manufacturers are committed to ensuring that select raw materials come from certified forestation that has a sense of responsibility of maintaining good continuous growth for future generations.

At prices far less than traditional brick with increased energy savings, the UK market is becoming aware of our affordable eco-friendly, open plan home that the Scandinavians have enjoyed for decades available at our realistic price.

The premium wood produced for Scandinavian Log Cabins is one of the important reasons why these types of traditionally built log homes can retain such a high quality when it comes to material and details. The same standard of workmanship and materials are used throughout the homes, from skirting and floors to windows and doors which are usually triple glazed rather than double. Experienced craftsmanship has enabled all our products to have the reputation of being highly prized by our happy discerning clients. Crafted with the Scandinavian Full Scribe method, and extra insulated, they provide a warm and cosy homely place no matter what time of year.

Availabe as single or two storey buildings these well insulated and glazing cabins also have excellent thermal qualities. You will find that our well-built Scandinavian log cabins will last longer, with very easy maintenance and much lower fuel costs.

Our Scandinavian log Cabins  are notched and if subsequently maintained  can stand  centuries. There are 600-700 years' houses still standing in Lithuania, Scandinavian countries and Siberia. Scandinavian Log Cabins that are built in accordance with modern technologies, are eco-friendly, cosy and durable.

Healthy living environment and ecology

Wood is a natural, human healthy and eco friendly material. It is healthy to live in a Scandinavian Log Cabin.

Warm and natural wood colour positively influences your state of mind, soothes nervous system in people and creates friendly conditions for recreation. There is no dust in Scandinavian Log Cabins as one would expect from plasterboard or brick or concrete.
Electrostatic properties of wood do not permit static electric power, often the  reason for the formation of dust, to accumulate in the rooms. Excessive dust can cause allergies. Therefore, people suffering from allergy are often recommended to live in log homes.

Natural air humidity and microclimate

Scandinavian Log Cabins keep natural humidity balance inside the house. If indoor humidity level increases, timber walls absorb it. If it is too dry, wood will bring the absorbed moisture back. This way, humidity inside our Scandinavian Log Cabins will always remain the same as it is outside.  

Scandinavian Log Cabins breathe, and that is why there is no need to have air-conditioning systems, as natural ventilation works through the walls.

Thermal performance of Scandinavian Log Cabins

Logs have high heat storage capacity. Wooden walls store warmth and gradually distribute it in every part of the room. If you touch wood, it is never cold and its surface temperature is similar to that of a room temperature. This creates a comfortable environment inside the house. That is why it will be warmer in a Scandinavian Log home than in Bricks and Mortar even in the biggest frost.

Scandinavian Log cabins warm up sooner and retain warmth longer compared to brick houses. Because of the thermal properties of wood, Scandinavian log Cabins are cool in hot seasons and insulate in cold. There are enormous advantages and benefits to be gained from living in one of our Scandinavian Log Cabins, you may never want bricks & mortar again.