Alpine Pods


THE Summer House

Broaden your outside living or dining experience with our rotating Diner Pod. Perhaps you work from home ……. If so, we can both design and build a bespoke office where you will enjoy in the tranquillity of your Garden! Using the latest technology in timber and glass this Pod also complies with the strictest building regulations and safety requirements.

 This environmentally conscious Rotating Summer House extends your ability to enjoy outside space – a stunning environment in which to work, lounge and entertain. The Summer House will stay cool in the summer months and warm when the evenings cool. A simple palette of materials fused with the love of outdoors provides an innovating living space for the garden.

The waterproof vinyl interior perfectly complements the 16 laminated exterior beamed structure. The outer top hood permits ventilation but is well insulated internally keeping the winter chill at Bay. It also has the additional luxury of a fumeless gel burning fire fitted to the centre of a smoked glass and stainless topped dining table with useful fitted lower storage space. Its 14 seating capability provides a spacious ambient in which to entertain and enjoy

The summer house’s top and lower exterior is protected with polished stainless steel providing a reflective surface preventing the over-heating problems associated with ordinary summer houses. This reflective surface also enhances your garden world by reflecting light, sky, water and all the colours of your Garden world.

The Summer House can be rotated 360° so that the outside view never needs to grow dull. The tinted U.V. protected polycarbonate windows and door provides the Rotating Summer House with a distinct identity. Two windows and door slide neatly into the roof lining providing fresh air while its innovative design contributes to the enjoyment of space.

If you are unable to have power connected to your Summer House we have added a 20watt solar panel and 12volt charging system into the design so it can run independently using only the suns free energy.

Delivered and assembled using our own qualified team of installers though out the United Kingdom.


An area of 250cm diameter is required for the lounger to rotate freely. A hard standing base of no less than 137cm diameter is required to build your sphere onto. Your sphere can be installed onto a level paved, concrete or decked area.


If you are preparing a new concrete or paving area for your lounger, we recommend an overall depth of 30cm allowing 7 days for the ground to settle prior to the arrival of our fitting team. It is important to talk to us first regarding your requirements.


Diameter: 333cm Height: 280cm Base area Diameter: 200cm


Deluxe Sphere - €26,995

All our prices included installation, a choice of colours for your interior and a high grade stainless steel.